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Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS

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SEL Prototype to include HIDDEN columns

Contents of Hidden columns can only be viewed by explcitly naming them in a SELECT statement. There is no problem with this but there are times when I want to a) know that a column is hidden from the column panel ADB21TC b) issue a SELECT that wil...
20 days ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 0 Submitted

GOCCM compare/import process: verification mask messages are missing in the ADBMSGS-file

The ADBMSGS-file should be the consolidated source for all messages of the GOCCM import/compare process. This is not the case for messages that are issued due to verification mask entries. These messages are only available in the VALOUT file but ...
19 days ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 0 Submitted

Have GEN and DDL generate Implicit objects but have them commented out for future use if needed

A Case was opened with IBM for GOC batch. Support could never recreate it using the DDL which was provided. It was later found out that this DB had implicit objects. The implicit objects in the DDL member provided were never generated. I am pu...
7 days ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 0 Submitted

All CM Batch to process DDL-DDL comparison

Allow CM Batch to process DDL-DDL comparison
25 days ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 0 Under review

Allow Exclude criteria to be directly specified in ADB2GEN

We are driving automation by dynamically building a list of objects to 'GEN' the DDL for. However we also need to dynamically build a list of objects to exclude. Currently ADB2GEN only allows reference to a pre existing exclude which has to be cre...
8 months ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 1 Functionality already exists

Generate drop of foreignkeys if foreignkey-statement is not provided

We generate DDL on the basis of an external tool and compare the newly generated DDL for each changed DB2 object against the catalog and let Admintool generate the conversion strategy as a workstatement list. Whether an object has changed or not r...
3 months ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 0 Under review

DB2 Admin Tool - Table Space Estimator by Average Partitioned Tablespace

The current Tool retrieves the row counts based on all partitions for a PBR tablespace. Ideal Detail: It would be convenient to estimate space based on average (or the maximum) of the partitioned tablespace rather than by the total row count of...
18 days ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 0 Submitted

Db2 Admin Tool - issue regenerate view after table column alter

After altering a table column referenced by a view an alter regenerate view should be issued as best practice. IBM Db2 Admin Tool does not issue the regenerate view command currently and we believe it should. After discussing with Db2 Support and ...
4 months ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 1 Future consideration

Add link to alter from panel showing constraints

Refer to case TS004736427 "Primary key maintenance enhancements" The panel ADB21TN is the "Constraints" panel off of normal catalog navigation. It should have a command added to alter the constraint (simply send user to ADBP7CTP "Alter Primary Ke...
6 months ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 0 Future consideration

Remove ISPF restriction preventing the actual count of objects returned from using the SARG command

Please remove the ISPF restriction that is preventing the following in Db2 Admin Tool (rejected in DB2ZADMTL-I-85) -I have used panel ADB21K and the count as an example below, but the misleading count occurs on other panels when you have used the ...
3 months ago in Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS 0 Under review