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Compatibility to MySQL SQL Syntax - Omit unnecessary FROM Clause

MySQL provides some SQL syntax features which Informix does not provide. One example the customer mentioned was the possibility to omit the FROM clause: SELECT 4+5 ; Using Informix a from clause is necessary: SELECT 4+5 from sysmaster:sysdual;
over 8 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 1 Delivered

Including Gateway as Default Installation

When installing Cognos Analytics, always require to choose "Optional Gateway" explicitly, and sometimes even selected, it doesn't really install properly. In some case, we may need to install Informix using Easy Install, which is the only way,...
almost 3 years ago in Cognos Analytics 0 Delivered

HQ to show Informix server edition, version and fixpack version

Basic info useful in a heterogeneous deployment
about 3 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 0 Delivered

Informix server ad 4GL tools support for Power 9 RH-Linux Little Endian

From Mexico business partner - my interpretation and of the clients of the information available, is that a strategy unification is missing, this generates a gray zone of the feasibility of the product, the Linux area in Power is addressing LE and...
over 3 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 1 Delivered

informix enterprise under SLES15

We would like to know when it's the earliest date for SLES15 to be officially supported for Informix enterprise
over 3 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 1 Delivered

Identify Query in IWA on the Database

I have an informix database and the IWA configured and would like to be able to map the query currently running on the IWA (ondwa tasks gives me the list) with a process on the database server. Currently all I see is the task information on the ac...
over 7 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 1 Delivered

improve RSS performance tuning,avoid the fault of informix DR active-active solution.

Resolve the RSS Apply performance problem,the apply speed of RSS is the same with primary that generate the logical log.
over 4 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 1 Delivered

ER CDR Sync for local reorg

A means to use cdr sync internal to an instance. I am looking to use golden gate to do an informix reorg because it can validate that the data is insync between two tables but if "cdr sync" could work from an instance to the same instance then I c...
almost 6 years ago in Informix / Informix Server 1 Delivered

make Informix JDBC driver JDBC 4 compliant

The Informix JDBC driver should be JDBC4 compliant. That means, no separate JARs for driver and XA-driver and the file „java.sql.Driver“ in the „META-INF/services/“ directory
over 7 years ago in Informix / Informix Client Products 1 Delivered

optimize the LO access for small amount of data

Optimize the LO access of the Informix JDBC Driver for small amount of data. Right now there is bad bad performance in data retrieval because the amount of work and message between the server and client to retrieve the data is more than the data i...
almost 8 years ago in Informix / Informix Client Products 1 Delivered