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Map dictionaries to subtypes and provide evaluation stats for subtypes

Currently, only being able to map dictionaries to entity types makes bootstrapping projects with subtypes very difficult. It also eliminates a major way to improve recall. Additionally, not being able to see stats at the subtype level makes it almost impossible to manage projects with subtypes.

  • Guest
  • Sep 8 2017
  • Planned
Why is it useful?

Improves the value and applicability of dictionary-based pre-annotators.

Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a Watson Developer specializing in WKS I would like a way to map dictionaires to subtypes and see their stats
How should it work?

Entity sub-types should allow association with dictionaries, the same way as top-level entity types do.

Entity-subtypes should be included in the model statistics (model evaluation) the same way as top-level entity types do.

Idea Priority High
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    October 04, 2017 18:41

    I think that "see stats at the subtype level" is an important idea by itself. I will open it if you don't mind.

  • Andrei Kamarouski commented
    November 16, 2017 18:56


    March 16, 2018 00:40

    Have just been on a project using WKS and found that the automatic annotation based on a dictionary was very efective, but it still meant that the users had to click on every pre-annotated entity and select the appropriate subtype.


    I'd be wanting each dictionary entry to have an optional entity subtype be able to be recorded against it.

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