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We need to have Watson Speech To Text Service in German Language

35%-50% of the entire Europen market can be adressed by German language. Not all people know, that German langauage is not only used in Germany, bus in : Austria, Switzerland, partly Polen, Netherland, Hungaria, Slowakia, Tscheck Republic, Solvenia etc. .. in all these countries we have for exampe call and service center Watson opportunities with Speech... but we can not deliver ... we loose against Microsoft . ... we looose against Nuance... because IBM has no STT in German language. This must change NOW :-)

  • Deleted user
  • Oct 23 2017
  • Delivered
Who would benefit from this IDEA? we have a multi million pipeline of deals where we could sell Watson STT in German language... multiple IBM clients and IBM teams want it !!!!
Idea Priority High
  • Admin
    KATI VENTURATO commented
    9 Aug, 2019 02:39pm

    Added to the service in Q4 2018

  • Guest commented
    9 Nov, 2018 05:38am

    @Kati - pls. see separate email

  • Admin
    KATI VENTURATO commented
    8 Nov, 2018 11:05pm

    @wolfgang - Do you have any Voice Gateway/Voice Agent opportunities in your pipeline?  Please email them to me. 

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2018 10:25pm

    need narrowband model für STT German as well! we have >5.000 call center in  Germany alone.

  • Guest commented
    6 Sep, 2018 03:13pm

    Watson Speech to Text will provide support for German Broadband model in Q3 2018. This will include support for our Customization services. We do not have a plan to provide support for German Narrowband model yet in our roadmap.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jul, 2018 04:36am

    What is the point of having this Idea Portal when IBM official can, without a reason, simply ignore the most wanted feature with more than 600 votes and 100 comments?

  • Guest commented
    13 Jun, 2018 09:33pm

    German STT would be very important for our products, too. Please make it available.

  • Guest commented
    24 Apr, 2018 01:46pm

    Germany is one of the G7 and US allies, but none of the Arab countries or Korea has this political and economic weight. Why can WATSON understand Arabic and Korean but unfortunately not German? Here is a huge potential left. Please address this topic to IMB and publish a schedule for implementation as quickly as possible.

  • Guest commented
    6 Dec, 2017 12:03pm

    Same here - we definitely want to go for IBM STT, but there's currently no German Version what the Client requires though! In the worst case, we will Need an alternative Provider like MS...

  • Guest commented
    6 Dec, 2017 08:35am

    Daimler AG

    needs this!

  • Guest commented
    30 Nov, 2017 11:15am

    I totally agree with Rene: why should we reimplement others have done and did well before us? We just need to provide the capability!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen - kind regards,

    Barbara Proske

    Software Client Architect - CSI

    Phone: +49 175 5860389

    Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Martin Jetter
    Geschäftsführung: Martina Koederitz (Vorsitzende), Norbert Janzen, Stefan Lutz, Nicole Reimer, Dr. Klaus Seifert, Wolfgang Wendt
    Sitz der Gesellschaft: Ehningen / Registergericht: Amtsgericht Stuttgart, HRB 14562 / WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 99369940




    ----- Ursprüngliche Nachricht -----
    Von: IBM <>
    An: Aha! <>
    Betreff: Rene Werth responded to idea SST-I-16 We need to have Watson Speech To Text Service in German Language
    Datum: Do, 30. Nov 2017 11:45

  • Guest commented
    17 Nov, 2017 08:23am

    Without German support this will not get adopted by our customers in DACH. Even worse customer are moving to competition.

  • Guest commented
    13 Nov, 2017 12:40pm

    We loose cognitive opportunities because we can not deliver in German language! Others can .... (Microsoft, FinTecs,.....).

  • Guest commented
    13 Nov, 2017 10:24am

    We have a number of opportunities out where STT is needed as part of their process transformation and inclusion of cognitive technology. If we get STT, we also need the corresponding EU support in IBM Cloud Frankfurt to satisfy security and privacy concerns.

  • Guest commented
    10 Nov, 2017 02:28pm

    I have several insurance opportunities in Germany and Switzerland where my clients tell me: We need STT for German language. You can come back when it is available (if it is not too late then).

  • Guest commented
    9 Nov, 2017 10:32am
    In Switzerland, Swisstxt, a subsidiary of and center of excellence for SRG SSR (Swiss national television) is also interested in using STT . Among other things, they're responsible for live subtitleing / close captioning of expected 40.000h of video material next year, with increasing numbers. STT German is important for them, as a lot of material they have to process is in German.

    They also mentioned that they'd be willing to support the development of German STT, as they could provide audio material from many years covering many areas (not only in swiss german).
  • Guest commented
    9 Nov, 2017 10:11am

    We urgently need STT in german language included in the german cloud for a > 5 Mio EUR GBS engagement with Consorsbank. Consorsbank would be the first step to get Cognitive implemented in the BNP Paribas Group which is the largest european client over all industries.

  • Guest commented
    1 Nov, 2017 11:59am

    STT in German is urgently required since a window of opportunity for implementation of new FSS regulations regarding documentation of client advisory meetings/calls is only open for next 6-9 months. Just to name a few others, we have opportunities for internal and external call center use of STT (in addition to conversation and cognitive search) for whole commercial banks sector, savings banks organization, as well as Deutsche Bank where we just announced a Cognitive partnership and need to deliver.

  • Guest commented
    25 Oct, 2017 07:59am

    We have requests from system integrators for STT in German for multiple customer opportunities cross industry!!!

  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2017 09:42am

    My two clients Commerzbank and DTAG will order STT only when it is available in german. If not they will further on use google, Microsoft or Nuance. And this has the consequence that other Watson services are at risk.

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