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Change to 'Active DB2 Systems' panel

When viewing the DB2 Tools Launchpad and the list of tools installed, enter '?' for a list of active SSIDs.


The list that returns includes all DB2 Systems by name, but only the descriptions of the subsystems that match entries in the currently allocated SADBTLIB(ADBTPARM).


If your installation model includes a test panel mapping to test libraries (including test SADBTLIB), then you will only see the descriptions of the subsystems entered there.  Your production panel will use production libraries (including production SADBTLIB) and you will only see the descriptions of the subsystems entered THERE.   So, even though other subsystems are present, and they are selectable, the descriptions are not completely populated.


Additionally, one DB2 subsystem is listed with an incorrect GROUP.   In my environment, I have up to 8 local DB2 subsystems when I am logged on to lpar MVSA.  They are each a part of a different datasharing group.   My SADBTLIB is intended for my "special" datasharing group so SADBTLIB(ADBTPARM) contains a description for my local subsystem which is part of the datasharing group and for the datasharing group itself.  However, there is another subsystem which is listed as being part of the special datasharing group (it is not).  So of the 9 lines on this panel (8 local subsystems and the datasharing group listed in SADBTLIB(ADBTPARM)), 6 have NO group listed.  The remaining 3 all list the special datasharing group, but one of these three is simply incorrect.


For example, this display:

Sel DB2 System Description                                                Group
--- ---------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -----
    PD00                                                                  TG02
    TD07       DB2-TG02-SPECIAL                                           TG02
    TG02       DB2-TG02-SPECIAL                                           TG02

...shows TD07 and TG02 as being part of TG02, which is correct.  PD00 is part of PG01 NOT TG02 and should never be listed as a part of TG02.  Additionally, the Description field is only filled out for subsystems in the special datasharing group (TG02) ADBTPARM.

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • Dec 23 2019
  • Under Review
Who would benefit from this IDEA? My business DBAs could be more certain of their system selections if this view did not contain incomplete and incorrect data.
How should it work?

I do not know how to adjust the architecture but I would prefer that the screen looked like the text below:

Sel DB2 System Description                                                Group
--- ---------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -----
    LD00       DB2-LG02-PRODUCTION                                        LG02
    LD33       DB2-LG03-PEOPLESOFT-PRODUCTION                             LG03 
    MD01       DB2-MG01-SANDBOX                                           MG01 
    PD00       DB2-PG01-PILOT                                             PG01
    PD32       DB2-PG03-PEOPLESOFT-PILOT                                  PG03 
    TD01       DB2-TG01-TEST                                              TG01
    TD07       DB2-TG02-SPECIAL                                           TG02 
    TD32       DB2-TG03-PEOPLESOFT TEST                                   TG03
    TG02       DB2-TG02-SPECIAL                                           TG02


 We also want to be able to migrate updates through these environments individually.  So, when an update is offered to DB2 Administration Tool, we want to be able to install it in a TG02 environment to be sure it works before we introduce it to TG01 > PG01 > LG02 etc.

Idea Priority Medium
Priority Justification I ranked this as Medium because we are aware of this behavior and we can advise our users how to work within the current system, but we still find it confusing and inefficient.
Customer Name Principal Financial Group
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  • Admin
    May Chu commented
    9 Oct 04:40pm
    More evaluation has been done - This should be under the Admin Tool
  • Admin
    May Chu commented
    21 Aug 03:24am

    This AHA idea has been reopened and moved to the TOOLS CUSTOMIZER product. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Admin
    May Chu commented
    4 Aug 09:41pm

    Thank you for this idea submission. However, this idea would be best resolved by TCz so we encourage opening an idea with TCz.”This has been evaluated by development.

    This should be opened against TCz

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