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Looking for ability to specify Data Server Driver and Nuget package for different appls on same .NET server

We are interested in IBM providing the ability to support an application using a Db2 NuGet package for Db2 connectivity and another application using DS Driver or Db2 Client on the same .NET server for compatibility between the Db2 NuGet package for Azure Cloud and the Db2 Client software. We have an application which is deployed in the MS Azure Cloud environment and uses a Db2 NuGet package included with the application for connectivity to z/OS Db2. When the application was deployed on a ‘Utility’ .NET server where a Db2 Client was installed for a different application, the application no longer resolved the Db2 connectivity with the NuGet package but looked for the Data Source to be resolved by the Db2 Client software.

It was suggested that we add this parameter to the application:

Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("DB2DSDRIVER_CFG_PATH", cfgPath);

That was done and the application worked without its Data Source being cataloged in the Db2 Client. There was an entry in the Db2 Client db/node directory for another application but not this application.

We then went to deploy the application on a second .NET server and it failed with these messages:

ERROR [08003] [IBM] SQL0843N The server name does not specify an existing connection. SQLSTATE=08003

ERROR [58004] [IBM] CLI0119E Unexpected system failure. SQLSTATE=58004

ERROR [01002] [IBM] CLI0001W Disconnect error. SQLSTATE=01002

I checked the second server and found it did have the Db2 Client installed but there was no entry in the db/node directory on this server. I added the entry to match the first server and the application worked. The entry I added was not the entry this application needed so I know it began using the NuGet package but for some reason, we needed at least one data source cataloged in the Db2 Client for that to work.

We would like a supported solution which allows the application running on MS Azure Cloud platform to deploy on a .NET server for utility purposes such as submitting jobs through Autosys and continue to use the Db2 NuGet package. Today if the targeted .NET server has another application using the Db2 Client for connectivity, even with a suggested workaround (DB2DSDRIVER_CFG_PATH), we had mixed results depending on whether or not the Db2 Client on the .NET server had a db/node directory entry. We are looking for a means of specifying with the application using the Db2 NuGet package, that the NuGet package should always be used to resolve Db2 Connectivity, regardless of the presence of a Db2 Client or DS Driver Package on the hosting .NET server. This would allow the application using the NuGet package on the MS Azure Cloud platform to run in multiple .NET environments and not rely on Db2 Client/DS Driver configurations in those environments.

I opened Case TS003513738 previously when we encountered the issue after deploying the application on the .NET Utility server. This Case may provide additional details as we worked with the IBM Support team.

Thanks for your consideration.

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • May 4 2020
  • Future consideration
Who would benefit from this IDEA? Our .NET application teams and infrastructure support teams. This also benefits the Db2 relationship with the .NET teams as we are trying to encourage the .NET teams to use Db2 for their database needs and the more that interface is simplied, the better our case for using Db2 over other DBMS platforms.
How should it work?

1) I do not have a specific solution in mind but would like a method of supplying a parameter such as the DB2DSDRIVER_CFG_PATH which would guarantee the application uses the NuGet package to resolve Db2 connectivity regardless of the configuration of the .NET server it might run on. Our application needs to run on a MS Azure Cloud platform as well as a .NET framework server.

Idea Priority High
Priority Justification Currently we are supporting an application with these requirements by manually configuring a Db2 Client connection on the .NET framework for their 'Utility' jobs or interface with Autosys. This causes support challenges and we would like to support the connectivity with the NuGet package they provide.
Customer Name Tracey Beason
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