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Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit DB24LUW-I-551 implicit GRANT EXECUTE to SYSMON authority for all monitor routines(RIMS).

Introduce MON_ADM privilege for monitoring purposes Merged

A MON_ADM privilege will be useful for monitoring tasks, manually or automatically like through Data Server Manager or IBM ITM. Such a privilege will only enable the user to use the monitoring framework table functions and adjacent functionality required for monitoring purposes. (MON_GET, ADMIN_GET etc). This MON_ADM privilege should be able to handle monitoring cloud instances of Db2 into consideration as well, without getting in the domain of the DevOps teams that manage the cloud environments.
  • Guest
  • Jan 3 2019
  • Future Consideration
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  • Paul Bird commented
    1 Jul, 2019 08:09pm

    Without additional information on why MON_ADM is needed versus SQL_ADM, I will return this as a duplicate of idea

  • Erwin Hattingh commented
    6 Jun, 2019 07:25pm

    Paul Bird’s comment option #2 looks great for us: “revamp the SYSMON authority so that it is now relevant to the modern Db2 monitoring paradigm by giving it implicit execute privilege on the MON* monitoring functions.”

  • Paul Bird commented
    19 Mar, 2019 02:48am

    After review, we have a couple of questions on which we could use feedback to help us evaluate this request.

    #1 The original motivation behind the SQL Administration authority (SQLADM) was to provide a light-weight authority similar to what you request ( ).

     - Could you tell us what portions of this authority are considered to be too much or dangerous and thus require an introduction of a further subset authority?

    #2 Another request has suggested that we revamp the SYSMON authority so that it is now relevant to the modern Db2 monitoring paradigm by giving it implicit execute privilege on the MON* monitoring functions.

     - Would this approach also meet your requirement?

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